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Sri Purandara Dasara Aaradhana Mahotsava
06-02-2016 to 09-02-2016


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in Bodhi Vruksha (publication of Vijaya Karnataka),

Founder's Message
Shri Harinarayana ViTTala Dasaru
Founder's Message
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Welcome to Shri Purandara Ashrama
Let Shri Purandara Ashrama be Kaliyuga Naimisharanya
- Shri Shri Vishwesha Teertha Swamiji, Pejavara Adhokshaja MaTha, Udupi
Shri Purandara Ashrama is a National Haridasa Spiritual Center - Haridasa Sadhana Kendra - to impart knowledge for the benefit of the humanity who are otherwise entangled in the vicious circle of samsAra striving hard relentlessly for material gains to satisfy the urge of the senses, unaware of its temporal nature and dire consequences in the end and locking oneself in the darkness of ignorance about SELF, THE INDWELLER and the MATTER around him/her.

It is at this stage, THE Hari Dasas come to our rescue with powerful torches in their hands showing the way out from darkness to light.

To propogate this message and to help sAdhakas in putting the cream essence of dAsya bhAva to practise - which alone will uplift the jIva from samsAra - Shri Harinarayana ViTTala Dasa (Shri H. Hanumantha Rao of Hyderabad), disciple of Late Shri Guru Govinda ViTTala Dasa of Mysore, a direct descendent in the Haridasa Lineage of Shri Purandara Dasa & Shri Vijaya Dasa, thought it wise and befitting to give a shape to his long cherished strong desire, the result of which is the establishment of this Organization.


Shri Purandara Ashrama - Haridasa Spiritual Center on the Web.
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